We offer a simple, fun and viable business opportunity to make money on your terms. By inviting new people to opptuni via your referral link you can benefit from sales of prizes/products & services. Our prizes, products and services sell themselves and approach several multi-billion dollar industries in appealing ways, giving you unlimited opportunities to make money.

Opptuni provides you with opportunity. The opportunity to run a home-based business with the total support of Opptuni behind you every step of the way.

The best part about the Opptuni business model is its simplicity – and the potential! When you choose Opptuni, you’re choosing the best. We’re confident you’ll agree once you’ve seen us under the microscope.

Enjoy your life

Go enjoy your life, and tell people about opptuni where they can win free monthly prizes forever just for joining. If and when they buy something the sale is tracked back to you and you earn a commission, it's that simple.

Referral Link

Your referral link is your simple effective sales tool. You’ll be provided with your own unique referral link based on your username(i.e. opptuni.com/join/janedoe) in your backoffice area. Simply share your link via social, email, print or word-of-mouth and have your people click and sign up with opptuni! It’s a win-win situation. All activity is tracked back to you and commissions are generated and paid out directly.

Prizes that sell themselves

We’ve assembled an outstanding prize product line that most people would love to Discover, Learn about, Try, Win & Buy! Our product line provides the opportunity for sales in the following growing billion dollar industries; Health & Wellness, Energy, Online Marketing, Food & Beverage, Travel and more!

Work on your terms

Work as a sales person finding, selling & managing new clients as you go along or simply share your referral link (i.e. opptuni.com/join/janedoe). It's all up to you, we simply provide a mechanism to allow you to provide great value to people in conversation and be compensated for sharing and working with opptuni.

Promote and get promoted!

As people join you using your referral link they will be added to your business network which can be seen in your business opportunity back office area. For every ten people that join you, you will receive a sales title promotion and a 5% commission increase up to 20%.

The money

You earn commission on everything for sale on opptuni in accordance with your Sales Title/Commission level! (i.e. If you were a National Sales Director 20% "our highest promotion level" and you sell or a referral buys one of our "Professional Custom Website Packages" for example that retail for $1,000 you would earn $200. We then paypal or bank account transfer your earnings directly to you. We process all transfers every Friday morning EST. It's really that simple, contact the concierge with any queries or email concierge@opptuni.com.

Sales Title / Referrals & Commission Level

Sales Associate (0-9 referrals)
Sales Executive (10-19 referrals)
Marketing Vice President (20 - 29 referrals)
National Sales Director (30 or more referrals)
View your Business network, Monitor your referral link's traffic, or keep an eye on your sales position and earnings from the Business Opportunity Back office area of our site.